How to give better gifts : Part 1 | Kieonie Gift Company | Sebastian, FL

I remember Christmas as a child vividly, and

one of my favorite things about the Christmas holiday was taking the yearly trip to the mall to buy gifts for others.

The smells of the holiday season to this day still take me back, to the times when I would stop in each cozy store, browsing for the perfect gifts.

I would take my gifts home with SO MUCH excitement, hide them from my family, and get completely giddy Christmas morning when they opened them.

I actually think I was more excited to give gifts, than they were about receiving them, or even receiving my own.

Unfortunately in this fast paced digital age, gift giving has become a very non-personalized experience. When it’s someone’s birthday, we shop from computers and check “gift wrap” (which means our items are placed in a cheaply made bag with a bow, and include a typed message on thermal thin paper).

You guys. THIS IS NOT GIFTING! This is convenience, this is sad, and this is taking the joy out of giving to the people you want to show gratitude to, as well as those you love.  

It’s so important to gift with a purpose, not just by convenience….because guys, that makes your recipient feel kind of cheap.

Haven’t you been there before? “Ehh, thanks for the Amazon gift card….…?”


Well, I’m here to tell you, you can become a more thoughtful gift giver by using our Create Your Own Box option and not lose the convenience of shopping from home. This not only benefits your recipient, but yourself as well.


Using our build your own box feature, you can browse through our store and hand pick items that your recipient will actually like.

Buying a pre-made gift set sometimes doesn’t check off all the boxes for a person you have in mind, which is why choosing only things they will love shows that you put thought into what you bought them (not just pulled something off the Bath and Body Works shelf at the last minute).


Whoever thought writing a sentiment on a piece of thermal paper was an adequate way to tell someone you love them was a cheapo...

(or maybe I’m just too boujiee?). Come on Amazon. That is so impersonal! At Kieonie, we have tons of cards to choose from that will fit literally ANY occasion (because we have blank ones as well), and we HAND WRITE your sentiment.

Yes, a real person actually writes your note with a PEN!

Can you believe it?? We still know cursive over here! Your gift will feel much less robotic and much more personal with a handwritten card. Trust me:)


One way to really stand out when gift giving (especially to a woman) is to color coordinate it. KGC makes that simple by sorting all of our products by color, so you can easily see what will go together and what won’t. You go, gifting pro! 

Come back for part 2 on how building your own gift box will benefit YOU.

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