How to become a better gift giver : Part 2

If you missed our last blog about how using our “Build your own gift” option makes you a more thoughtful gifter and benefits your recipient, you can catch it here.

Today we are continuing on that path with part 2, about why our KGC gifting platform benefits YOU! So keep reading. 


When you shop online, you always have the option to shop around the clock. But if you’re searching for a custom, unique, gift for someone, this usually requires:

*waiting for it to be made on etsy and then shipped (and plan on a week or more if you’re thinking about customizing your order!)

*searching forever on Pinterest to try and find something you can DIY

*investing the time to actually DIY

*a bigger price tag

At Kieonie, you can build your gift, customize your card, pay, and ship all at once, at any time of the day. Your gift shows up in a hand wrapped package with a personalize note from you. How’s that for flexing into your schedule??


Personally, I have no idea how the 50’s housewives did it with kids. Taking 3 boys under the age of 8 gift shopping just seems like a nightmare for me, which is why I’ve personally sent those dreaded Amazon gift cards before. I was sick of searching for a gift and out of time, so that seemed like a simple fix.

Not gonna lie, I felt like a copout.

Don’t torture your kids by dragging them through Homegoods, and don’t cheapen your gifts by settling for a quick fix. Shop with us while your kiddos watch Nemo, or are already snuggled up in bed.

Bonus points if you sip some wine while you do it!


Is it just me or is the post office line one of the most dreaded places you can be?

I. HATE. IT. #firstworldproblems guys, I know.

I don’t know why, but I’m always annoyed by the little old lady counting out her change to pay for postage while 10 of us are waiting in line (especially around the holidays when I’m trying to send out our Christmas gifts). “Get out of the way, granny! You’re blowing my whole lunch hour.”

One of the most AWESOME things about our website, is that we offer MULTIPLE RECIPIENT SHIPPING!! Ok, let’s hear it:

What is multiple recipient shipping??

It’s ordering the same 4 gifts for the in-laws at Christmas time (or 6 bridesmaids before your wedding), adding a custom card to each one, and shipping them all to different addresses…. IN ONE CHECKOUT.

YEAH BUDDY!!!! You just got all warm and fuzzy inside, didn’t ya? Liking me just a little bit better now, aren’t ya?

I know, I know. Genius. We did it on purpose :) Just for you.

And finally, the last benefit to shopping with KGC (well for this blog purpose anyway, because frankly it's getting out of hand) is:



(drops mic)

Yea, you read that right. You can pay for your purchase in up to 4 payments, INTEREST FREE….. Simply click on the ViaBill link at checkout to apply. We receive payment immediately upon approval, your gifts ship out, and you have the flexibility to pay over time.

Now you can send those Christmas gifts the week before and not stress about the holiday spending.

Shop smarter, not harder you guys :)

If you liked this blog and my annoying sense of humor, leave me a comment below and tell me what you thought! 

You go, gifting pro!

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