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Girl, I see you. You’re successful, stable, and happy. Your friends think of you as the ultimate hype girl because you’re always encouraging them to be their best. You love to shower those close to you with praise and support, as often as possible.


Why are you shopping for gifts on Amazon?!?!

Or worse yet, giving gift cards (yuk!)

I know I know…

-Because it’s convenient

-Because you can sip your wine and lay in bed while browsing on Amazon

-Because you don’t have to drive to the store or worry about shipping anything

But aren’t you also totally sick of Amazon like I am? I’m so over cheap products made in other countries that take weeks to get here and do NOT make good gifts. Sometimes it's just really hard to find quality gifts online.

If you’re anything like me, I want something unique and special, that make my family and friends happy when they open them; so happy that they can’t help but smile!

And, I want this for you too girl. I know you’re frustrated with the options online. I know you’re too busy to DIY something and need an easy solution.

That’s why I’ve created Kieonie Gift Company; because I wanted women like me and you to have a place where they could enjoy a few moments shopping for something special. In just a few clicks, you can pick (or create a gift), write a message, and ship it.

No hassle. No lines. No worries that your gift will be cheaply made.

I guarantee whoever you’re shopping for is going to LOVE seeing our beautiful box show up at their door! With us as your partner in crime, from now on you’ll be giving thoughtful gifts that encourage your friends to continue doing their best at life!

So whatcha waiting for? Start shopping sista!

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