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Most of us have known a new mamma at some point in our life. Everything leading up to the birth of the baby is all about her; the maternity clothes that will show off her cute baby bump, the maternity photos documenting this beautiful miracle, the baby shower where she is the center of attention, and even the majority of the birth. 

Then the baby comes, and her life is FLIPPED upside down.

All of a sudden, nothing in life is about her and EVERYTHING is about the baby. Her sleep is interrupted every 2 hours, at minimum, for the first year of the baby’s life, she has to give up endless hours laying on the beach, and girl’s nights out probably don’t exist anymore.

The relationship with her significant other might even be strained, based on all of the changes going on in the home, and well frankly, her body.

Which is why she needs YOU.

New mammas need to know that their friends are still there, especially if it’s her first baby. She probably feels like events are flying by without her, she might have a little post-partum depression, and her sex life might even be dull right now.

When friends and family visit, most of the attention is on baby, and virtually no one asks about mamma anymore. Even when they do, it’s somewhat difficult as a new mom to accept help. We all want to be the supermom; I get that. It’s quite an adjustment all around.

So that’s where YOU come in.

Send your friend with a new bundle of joy a little something to remind herself that she needs to take “ME” time.

She also needs to know that you’ll still be there for her in 18 years when she’s free again..

Her mental health will thank you:)



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