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The Outdoorsman


Shopping for that manly man in your life? This is a great full sized gift set. Includes a set of cool shower disposable towels that he can wipe off with for a refreshing blast, snacks, stainless steel multi tools (great for fishermen), a wet bag to protect his phone or put his swimwear in, sunscreen stick, 2 types of soap (both made for hunting/fishing/grimy projects), and solid cologne so he can come home smelling fresh. Great for any working or playing outdoorsman.


Duke Cannon- Cold Shower towels

Duke Cannon- Solid Cologne

Duke Cannon- Hunting/Fishing Soap

Defiance Tools- Pocket and keychain multitools (stainless steel)

Sun & Swell- Nuts and Seeds snack

Salt & Stone- Sunscreen Stick

Wander & Perch- Wet Bag

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