What does “Kieonie” mean?

The word Kieonie (kee-OH-nee) was originally created by the founder of Kieonie Gift Company, Nichole Rea. It simply means “The Goddess of Gifts.” Our mission is to give each and every person the ability to “gift” (to people both near and far) in a way that a goddess would; with thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and quality, while of course being aesthetically pleasing.

What our company can do for you.

Are you trying to find that “perfect” gift for your dad who loves coffee, sister in law who has an “all organic” home, mother who’s allergic to flowers, or your best friend who’s a total boss babe CEO that doesn’t need anything but more “me time?” Maybe you run a business and you’d like to show your customers a little gratitude by gifting them with something meaningful, that streamlines your business into the gift you give. Kieonie is your answer.

At Kieonie, we believe gift giving should make you feel just as good as the person receiving the gift, and requires a lot of thoughtfulness in order for both things to happen. Unfortunately, not everyone possesses the talent (or time) to drive to the store, browse, and select items that their recipient will absolutely love. That’s where we come in.

We provide gift boxes that are thoughtful and made from quality products. Click a few buttons, select an appropriate card for the occasion, pay, and your gift is shipped right to your recipient (or to yourself so you can give your gift in person). Easy peasy! It saves you time, is a lot more thoughtful than a random gift you picked up from a local convenience store, and can be done from the comfort of your own couch (or office, we won’t tell).